If you get a new phone number, please get in touch with us by clicking on the help icon on the bottom right of your screen and we'll update this for you.

We send the verification code to your mobile phone, so make sure you have this nearby. If you don't receive the verification code, wait 1 minute and try to send a new one, please also check the mobile number you've added is correct. Please ensure you have a good network connection on your mobile phone. If you're still having issues, get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

You'll be automatically logged out if you've been inactive for 30 minutes or more - this is a Zali Health security measure.

If you're unable to log back in again, please try to reset your password first, by using the Trouble logging in function on the login portal.

If this doesn't solve the issue, get in touch with us from the Contact support function or click the help icon at the bottom right and get in touch with us there and we'll help you out.

Zali Health should not be too far away! Try to refresh your browser first.

If your Zali Health dashboard or login page is not showing try to increase your browser size.

Zali Health is not suitable for smaller devices eg. mobile.

If you need to reset your password, use the Trouble logging in function on the login page. We will send you a verification code to your mobile phone, to make sure it is you, so please have this nearby. Once you've entered the verification code and it's approved, we'll send you an email with a link for you to reset your password.

The Zali Health Resource Hub is full of useful guidelines, handouts, links, care plans and more. You can access this through the big pink box on your Zali Health Dashboard, at any time. This can be useful if you ever need quick access to eg. breast screen locations in VIC, anaphylaxis plan posters for your clinics or paediatric guidelines.

If for any reason the appointment you are looking for is not showing on your dashboard, start by refreshing your browser. Otherwise, you can use the Search function to look up the patient and select the Consults tab to see all their appointments.

All chat appointments should be visible in the Chats tab to the right of your Daily Consults tab. Chat appointments will appear on the day they are due in the Chats due section of your Daily Consults (3 business days from the booking day).

You'll get a notification if a patient cancels an appointment, you'll find all your notifications when you click the bell in the top right corner. Cancelled appointments will also have "Cancelled" on the appointment card on the dashboard, so they are easy to see.

You can cancel an appointment from the three dots (...) on the patient's appointment card on your Zali Health Dashboard, here you can also add a note for the patient if that is needed. Please make sure to give your patient adequate notice if you're canceling an appointment.

If you want to see a patient in person after a telehealth appointment or chat, you can ask them to book in a follow up appointment with you and select the in person appointment mode. If you review a patient's pre-consult intake Q&A prior to a consult and would like them to see you in person rather than via telehealth, you can cancel the appointment and ask them to rebook an in-person consult.

You can test your microphone and video through your Settings if you are on a Windows computer, or through System Preferences on a Mac/iOS. You can also check your setting in the consult view before starting a phone/video call.

Yes. Use the filter icon next to the Daily consult tab to filter by appointment type or appointment status.

You cannot see if a patient is active, but you can see if they have read your messages in the chat. Your messages will have a time stamp on them with the time they were sent, and a "read" status that indicates when the patient has read your messages, and was active last.

No, unfortunately, you can't contact a patient through Zali Health when an appointment is completed.

You can always find the patient's phone number under their profile and call them directly.

At the moment only patients can edit their own medical history, but this feature will be available for GP's soon. If there is medication the patient has forgotten to put in or if you prescribe a new one, simply ask them to add it from their app and their profile will be updated.

When completing a consult, you can add next steps for the patient, under this text field you'll see all the documents that will be sent to the patient. These will include the documents you have created (eg. medical certificate, pathology request) and any documents you have attached to the consult.

This means that the patient will complete the consult in a browser/on web, either on desktop or mobile, and not the app. The only difference for you as a GP, is that the chat function will not be available in these cases, everything else will be the same.

Yes, it's easy to upgrade a phone call to video. Instead of selecting Start call click the drop-down arrow on this button and select Video call. This will send an upgrade request to the patient where they can choose to accept or decline. You can do this before the appointment starts or during.

Hover your cursor over the number and the exact presenting complaints will appear.

Simply click on the +number eg. +1, +2 and you'll be redirected to the specific area of the patient's medical history which has all this info for you.

Yes! You can do this via the Attachments section in This Consult or you can send it to the patient within the chat conversation.

Use the Documents tab located in This Consult panel and complete all the required fields.

Use the Tests tab located in This Consult panel and complete all the required fields.

Yes! Simply click the copy icon and then you can paste this information as needed.


If a patient has the app:

  • All documents attached to a consult and documents created in Zali Health (eg. medical certificate and referral) are automatically sent to the patient's app when the consult is completed. The patient can find them in the app at any time after the GP has completed the consult.

If a patient doesn't have the app:

  • All documents will be securely sent to their email once the consult is completed.

When completing billing for a consult on Zali Health, you have 3 different options.

You can complete billing on Zali Health and when you do this the consult will close out and the patient will be charged the amount and the invoice will be sent to their mobile app.

You can hold billing, if you want to charge the patient later on or review the billing codes later in the day.

Or you can bill outside Zali Health if you would like to add or complete the billing in your PMS for any scenarios outside of Zali Health's billing functionality. In this case, the patient will not be charged, no invoice is sent and no charge is placed on the patient's payment method.

When billing is completed, the patient is charged the amount on the invoice created and unfortunately there is no way to revert this on Zali Health.

If you accidentally complete a billing, get in touch with us and we will help you out.

We make it clear to the patient that the price is indicative when they book in, and when you ask to upgrade from phone to video the patient needs to confirm this. When you complete the billing for the consult, ensure that you select the right billing item number (either custom or MBS item number), which will charge the patient the correct amount.

Saves the changes you've made but doesn't apply any charges or send an invoice to the patient - you can come back to this later.

If you're not completing your billing on Zali Health you can choose this function so that you or your Admin staff know they need to bill the patient outside of Zali Health on your PMS.

All Zali Health telehealth (video & phone) bookings will appear in your BP calendar with a "Zali Health" next to them so that you know it's a Zali Health appointment. All asynchronous chat appointments will be booked into a single time slot outside of your working hours on the day they were booked on.

Clinical notes entered on Zali Health are automatically transferred into the "Past Visit" created for each Zali Health appointment in BP. And all documents generated on Zali Health or uploaded on Zali Health to be sent to the patient are also sent to "Correspondence out" for that patient in BP.

When you complete a consult on Zali Health with the complete billing modal, an "Account" is created in BP that includes all items added to the billing screen on Zali Health.

All you have to do on BP is submit the claim (if relevant) and mark the appointment as paid.

Your password needs to be reset the first time you log on, as we give you only a temporary password to get you started. After this, the password has to be changed every 90 days.

We have set the auto-logout to 30 minutes for security reasons, and this cannot be changed.

For each condition, we have created associations with specific symptoms and risk factors using evidence based medicine. These symptoms and risk factors may overlap with other conditions. This leads to a unique "web" of data points.

For each answer the patient provides, our Heidi algorithm is able to predict the next-best symptom or risk factor to check. If it thinks a certain condition is likely, it will specifically ask questions that support or exclude this differential. It will also ask specific questions designed to exclude high-risk or urgent conditions (these are our "must-ask" questions).

Based on the data points that have been satisfied, the "web" is able to produce a ranked list of possible differentials. This feature is currently in the Beta phase. Our intent is for it to be a diagnostic aid - it must always be interpreted within the patient's context.

The Heidi summary presents your patient history & presenting complaints to you in the same way another GP would present a patient to you. It sums up the questions a patient has answered, as well as relevant medical history and medications pertaining to their presenting complaint. This is for you to get a good, quick overview of the patient and why they are seeking care today.

This is because the DDx is a feature that is constantly being reviewed, revised & improved. The DDx will continue to improve over time the more you use it!

The red flag icon represents a potentially serious condition that must not be missed.

The yellow mask represents a commonly missed diagnosis that can mimic a variety of other conditions. Otherwise known as masquerades (thanks Murtagh).

The specific Q&A completed by your patient will be linked under the Heidi Summary, if you click on this you'll be able to see each question they were asked and the associated answer. There are Q&As associated with each appointment type a patient can book - so make sure to review these ahead of the consult!

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