Your Health, your way.

Zali Health is the smarter way for Australians to take control of their health. Zali unites Australian-registered GP care with the latest in digital health apps. With Zali, your access to high-quality medical care is easier than ever.

Now you can take steps to better health: whenever, wherever. When you’re ready, Zali is ready.

Instant access healthcare is here

What can Zali doctors help you with today?

Check out the A-Z of symptoms and conditions that Zali can help with

Instant access to a smartGP consultsaves you time & money in the long run
  • ico_medic
    Save on travel and parking fees
  • ico_medic
    Avoid the hassle of scheduling (and rescheduling) appointments
  • ico_medic
    No waiting for days or weeks to get to the clinic
  • ico_medic
    No thumb-twiddling in the waiting room to see the doctor for just a brief few minutes
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